Staatssecretaris Van Weyenberg spreekt bij Climate and Clean Air Coalition (COP26)


Gezonde lucht is van levensbelang, Nederland ondersteunt de Climate and Clean Air Coalition door in te zetten op een circulaire economie. Want een economie zonder afval is een wereld zonder luchtvervuiling door afvalverbranding.

  • I’d like to thank co-chairs Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Mister John Kerry and minister Kwaku Afriyie for organising this meeting at COP26.
  • As you know, the Netherlands is an enthusiastic partner of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. A public-private partnership that I believe is one of the most influential in boosting action on the Paris Agreement, in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. As well as pursuing the ambitious goal for cleaner air worldwide, of course. Because being able to breathe clean air is part of the universal right to a healthy environment. To that end, the coalition aims to reduce emissions of short-lived pollutants through targeted initiatives and projects. A mission and strategy that the Netherlands fully supports. So it’s probably no surprise that my country wants to underline the importance of the CCAC 2030 Strategy to be approved at this meeting.
  • This meeting also marks the Global Methane Pledge and the launch of the CCAC Methane Flagship. The need to reduce methane emissions – the fastest growing short-lived pollutant –is seen as most important. That’s why The Netherlands supports the Pledge as well as the Flagship.
  • Let me give you two examples of recent actions taken by the Netherlands to reduce methane emissions. First, using data from a satellite launched in 2018 to monitor methane emissions, scientists from Canada and the Netherlands discovered a giant methane leak at an oil and gas installation in Turkmenistan. Action could be taken at local level to stop the leaks. The second example is the Dutch government’s voluntary agreement with the offshore energy sector to reduce methane emissions. Since it was signed in 2018, methane emissions have been reduced by 50 per cent!
  • The production of greener methane is important. And a circular economy can make this happen. A circular economy mitigates unnecessary production, reducing wastage. It’s an economy in which we reuse and recycle scarce raw materials, so that ultimately nothing is wasted at all. A circular economy is a prerequisite if we are to achieve the Paris climate goals. And you can count on the Netherlands to join and support the global movement towards a circular economy!
  • In closing, we’re at a turning point. The IPCC report published earlier this year shows us more clearly than ever that we have no time to lose. Action is needed – not tomorrow, but today. We owe it to the generations to come that they can live in a safe, clean and healthy world.
  • So the work of the CCAC is more important than ever. The Netherlands therefore pledges 50.000 euro to the Trust Fund in 2022.
  • I wish you a constructive and inspiring meeting.


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